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    Treat the kids to a little indulgent chocolate and other delicious goodies filled with fresh, local and delicious ingredients.

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A love of food starts from a young age, so why not treat your favourite little ones with a gift hamper filled with their favourite goodies, including delicious and wholesome snacks for hungry tummies. 

If you can remember being a kid, we’re sure you can remember how exciting getting a special present was. Especially if it was filled with your favourite foods. Our Pretty Green hamper for kids are the perfect gift to give whether it's for a birthday, Christmas or Easter. We have a mouth watering range of sweet treats, ranging from delicious and nutritious cookies all the way to toffee coated popcorn. Our hamper's suit all age ranges and every taste bud, so no child has to go without.

Perhaps you have a younger sibling, a niece’s or nephew’s or a friend’s child’s birthday coming up. They will be so excited in the lead up to their big day and they may have also planned something with the help of their parents. Make their day even more special with a thoughtful gift. A Pretty Green hamper for kids is a wonderful way to celebrate the occasion. 

If your child has received some amazing grades, or just gone above and beyond for you lately and you feel that they need a treat, reward them and show how proud you are with a hamper of small-batch, delicious and wholesome goodies for them. If you can personalise it as well to their favourite flavours, it makes your gift all the more thoughtful.

If you know a kid whose taste buds may be evolving, then considering a hamper for kids that showcases some different flavours as opposed to something they'd normally eat. These kids may just be learning about some delicious flavours and this is a great time to get them something new that they hopefully will love - as well as support local small-batch producers! We Pretty Green stock some wonderfully gourmet and artisanal treats, which can be a beautiful idea for a present to start to shape flavours and tastes. Why not go for a creamy chocolate macadamia pack, smoky cashews or French Earl Grey Hot Chocolate?

For these high school aged kids who might be a little bit more grown up as well, you can also present your hamper for kids beautifully with a personalised message to go with. This would be perfect for a graduation or any other big occasion as a wonderful way to commemorate and celebrate an important time in their life!

When choosing a hamper for kids from Pretty Green, you can rest easy knowing that they will be enjoying locally sourced sustainable goodies not filled with nasties and preservatives. Hopefully they want to learn a bit about the local families and businesses that made them and you can teach them an important lesson in shopping sustainably and locally. It’s always important to start learning about sustainability early, along with delicious food of course!

Hampers for kids are the perfect gift for those who already have plenty of toys. So get a wonderful present like a Pretty Green hamper for kids and share some flavour!