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We supply your kitchen with only the best (and healthiest) Australian produce, so your employees are not only happier as they go about their work, but they're more energised and productive too.

When it comes to ordering business kitchen supplies for your office, it’s hard to avoid unhealthy food and drinks that result in low productivity. Switching your office kitchen supplies to healthy teas, snacks and jams handmade by small-batch producers in Australia will provide nourishment to your employees, resulting in higher productivity and morale. It’s that simple. 

Employees up to 40+ hours at work every week, so it’s important to keep them full, hydrated and therefore productive. This is hard to do when all you have available in the office kitchen is fizzy drinks, unhealthy lollies and other unhealthy snacks. Instead, we encourage you to fuel the beating drum of your business with our sustainable business kitchen supplies. Each product you stock will be small-batch, wholesome and most importantly - nourishing. A simple refreshment selection of organic tea, freshly roasted coffee, healthy wholesome bread and handmade jams will instill in your employees that you truly care about their well-being and health. 

When it comes to clients, delicious business kitchen supplies are paramount to success. Even if they don’t know it yet. By serving delicious small-batch coffee, refreshing organic kombucha and a selection of local milk that caters to all, you’re ensuring your values are apparent in everything you do. Making a lasting impression on your customers, clients, partners and business associates. You can then talk about your sustainability actions openly to whoever visits your office. 

Business kitchen supplies customised to your company’s needs

We know business. And we understand that each one is different - be it the size of your business, your needs, your accessibility or your brand values. This is why we provide a bespoke service whereby we create a personalised business kitchen supplies package that is perfect for your business. 

Choose your size

There’s no discrimination here, so if your office is home to a team of 3 individuals to a building of 500 employees, we can cater to you. Simply get in contact to discuss with us how many kitchens you need to supply and how often. Should it be every week, fortnightly or monthly, we can fulfill your small-batch business kitchen supplies without a problem. 

Choose your ethos

Does your business support a particular ethos? What do your brand values look like? By working together on a bespoke business kitchen supplies package, we can meet your brand’s values and therefore align towards a better working environment and community. Is your company aiming to be more sustainable? We can ensure your business kitchen supplies package is filled with zero waste produce. Is your business compiled completely of hard working women - we can ensure the food and drink in your office kitchen is handmade by women-led businesses across Australia. The list is endless - together we can build a bespoke kitchen supplies package based on what you really believe in as a business, so your values are aligned with how you work, right down to what you have stocked in your office kitchen. 

Choose your dietary requirements

We know catering for lots of people is hard, which is why we have a vast array of produce that we’ve chosen just for this reason. Whether your whole office is vegan and you only want vegan produce, or you need a selection of gluten free or nut free produce to cater for the masses, we’ve got it! So when it comes to the important stuff like having different types of milks available for your employees’ morning coffee, we can supply everything from almond milk to cows milk to oat milk. Small-batch and sustainable, of course.  

Business kitchen supplies for every occasion

And we mean it. We don’t just get our kicks from supplying your office with its everyday kitchen supplies and essentials. We can also supply your office on ad hoc or regular occasions such as Friday drinks or meetings.

Whether it be a fresh batch of coffee, an array of milks and milk alternatives and a selection of locally sourced bread and pastries to cater a meeting or a selection of craft beer, Australian wine and small-batch spirits along with cheese board nibbles to impress at an event or Friday knock off drinks, we can work together to provide the best Australian produce for any business need.