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    With over 300 products and gifts uniquely crafted by families spanning Australia, we provide all your farmers market favourites under one roof. Small-batch, sustainable and yummy.
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Cosy and calming tea from corporate get well hamper
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Whether it's a check in gift after a surgery or they're recovering from a broken bone - even if you're checking in with their mental health, get well hampers can go a long way to make someone smile. 

For the times when an employee has to go into surgery, a client isn’t feeling their best or even when your boss has fallen ill, Pretty Green’s got a get well hamper for every occasion. It’s important to show support for your team and that you are thinking about them during these hard times. Checking in with your team through get well hampers can boost morale, improve their wellbeing and make them feel super special!

Whether it’s positivity gifts for mental health check ins, home care packages or well wishes for injury and sickness, our get well hampers will help make anyone feel good. All our gifts are handpicked with that extra personal touch that’s still professional, packed only with goodies that are useful and delicious. Take your pick from a huge handful of yummy small batch products handcrafted by Australian families and local producers. From relieving herbal teas packaged in test tubes to wholesome breakfast in bed essentials to easy-to-make gourmet meals, we’ve created gifts that go that extra mile in TLC. 

Delivered straight to their door in colourful biodegradable packaging that’ll brighten up their day, these get well hampers have that little extra jazz you can’t find in flowers. Our 100% carbon neutral delivery service will help you feel twice as good for minimising your impact on the environment. At Pretty Green, we believe every time you spend your money on a product, you are choosing the type of world you want to live in. Why should food be travelling from millions of kilometres away when we have such good stuff here, already on our own home soil? By supporting local passionate farmers and small Australian businesses you are helping Australia become more self sufficient so that our planet can stay pretty and green!

We’ve got you covered on all fronts. You want to give something that is wholesome and delightful, we’re all about guilt-free pleasures here. And it also needs to be entertaining and helpful, they could be inside for a while! Whether it’s deluxe pamper sessions that’ll make their skin glow or mouthwatering snacks that are the perfect little addition to any Netflix marathon on the couch, we always think of the people who get our gifts and what experiences they can have out of them. 

Can’t find exactly what you're looking for or want to add in your company vibe more? We can fully customize any of our gifts to your corporate branding. Our inboxes are always open, we damn well love a good challenge! Creatively and tastefully representing your company in a meaningful way with our homemade products is one of our favourite things to do. We all know that plastic, mass produced drink bottles and keychains with company logos are only going to get thrown away or unappreciated. That’s why we like to come up with fun and different ideas (lucky for you, we’re full of them!)

Is your corporate colour yellow? Well, we can cater to a box full of yellow products in a yellow leafy box! Do you want to include your logo? We’ll happily design a card with your logo and thoughtful handwritten messages. Do you have brand values that are rooted in beliefs like giving back and being a leader? We’ll handpick small batch products that perfectly align with your company ethics. Want to have your own spin on things? We can source packaging that is sustainable and create messaging that is completely on brand. So, you’re in pretty good hands!