• Pretty Green

    Collection:COOKING & BAKING

    With over 300 products and gifts uniquely crafted by families spanning Australia, we provide all your farmers market favourites under one roof. Small-batch, sustainable and yummy.

  • Beetroot Gin Relish
    Beetroot Gin Relish
  • Smokey Tomato Relish
    Smokey Tomato Relish
  • Habanero Hot Sauce 100ml
    Habanero Hot Sauce 100ml
  • Chilli Linguine
    Chilli Linguine
  • Veggie Patch Sauce
    Veggie Patch Sauce
  • Squid Ink Spaghetti
    Squid Ink Spaghetti
  • Tuscan Risotto
    Tuscan Risotto
  • Paella Rice
    Paella Rice
  • Refillable Pepper Shaker
    Refillable Pepper Shaker
  • Izbitot Salsa
    Izbitot Salsa
  • Guinness Mustard
    Guinness Mustard
  • Jalapeño & Tequila Relish
    Jalapeño & Tequila Relish