Why Picnic Hampers Are The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Why Picnic Hampers Are The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

What’s so good about a picnic?

Or should we say, ‘What’s not so good about a picnic?’ The underdog of social activities is the ultimate, yet modest, experience that we at Pretty Green are all about this summer!

Everyone’s raving on about picnics these days, as they very well should be! A picnic is a wonderful way to catch-up with family, lounge around with friends, and enjoy a luxury picnic basket on a hot summer's day. It opens up possibilities for extensive fun! You can listen to some music, throw a ball around, make use of the public BBQ grill, read a book, draw a landscape of the park, play with your dog— the list goes on and on and here are our top 5 reasons for what makes a picnic so dang good: 

#1 Explore your area

Going on a picnic means that you can go on an adventure! There’s no need to go to the park down the street when you can opt for one of the many beautiful picnic locations around you. Pack your luxury picnic basket, drive that little bit further and explore your city!

#2 No time limits

Unlike a venue booking, when on a picnic you can take your sweet time. You can graze on a luxury picnic basket and not have the looming pressure of your seating time lapsing. Instead, you can sit back and relax.

#3 Comfort is key

Love laying down while you snack on some treats? Or maybe you have a comfy camping chair that moulds perfectly to your body? At a picnic, your comfort is at your hands. You can create the comfiest set-up imaginable! Bring some pillows, umbrellas, sun lounges, the options are endless! 

#4 Budget-friendly

If you’re trying to limit your spending, but still want to enjoy a social life, a picnic is just the solution! If you do it right, you can create quite the value for money picnic spread! And don’t let the words fool you, but a luxury picnic basket is just the cost-friendly purchase that your picnic needs.

#5 No menu limitations

A picnic means that no food is off-limits. Yep, that’s right. You control the menu! You don’t need to worry about cuisines that your friends don’t like that much, or having to Google search a restaurant menu before you leave. Just purchase a luxury picnic basket that is chocked full of goodies that all of the picnic-goers love. 

How can you take advantage of a picnic?

A luxury picnic basket, that’s how! As we said, there are so many brilliant parts to a picnic. We believe that our favourite, being the enjoyment of a luxury picnic basket, is the most crucial aspect of a successful picnic.  It’s the picnic essential that you never knew you needed. Because what’s a picnic in the sunshine without a perfectly packed picnic basket? 

These days, a picnic in the park no longer means a mediocre sandwich and some room temperature cordial. With a luxury picnic basket, you get to enjoy fine beverages and even finer food!

Do you want to plus it up?

Are you ready to ditch the sad plate of cabana and pre-cut packet cheese cuts? It’s time to take the picnic spread into your own hands and order a luxury picnic basket! Pretty Green has the best range of picnic hampers, that are sure to impress anyone and have people fighting to sit in reaching distance of it!

  •     Picnic Daze: This picnic basket will have you in a daze as you spend the afternoon picking at nibbles and sipping on some sparkling.
  •     Picture Perfect Picnic: It’s the picture-perfect picnic basket. Pour a glass and listen to the sounds of nature around you.
  •     Weekend Vibes: luxury to say the least. This picnic basket is quite the collection of picnic essentials, including a cheeseboard!
  •     Thank Fizz It’s Summer: Take advantage of daylight saving and enjoy the perfect spritz while the sun begins to set.
  •     Spice Master’s Grill: Did you score a spot near a public BBQ grill? This one’s for you! Get spicy and enjoy a Pilsner.
  •     On The Rocks: Get ready to impress your mates with the perfect drink, because this luxury picnic basket is nothing but class.

Now, we’re sure that you don’t need any more convincing when it comes to whether or not a picnic is the most epic pastime to date. So, don’t just take our word for it. Go ahead and purchase a Pretty Green luxury picnic basket. Try out our range and you won’t just agree, you’ll be coming back for more!