Why Corporates Should Send A Chocolate Gift Basket This Easter

Why Corporates Should Send A Chocolate Gift Basket This Easter

An Easter Treat

That special time of year is rapidly approaching folks - Easter. Yep, the time of year where it’s acceptable to eat copious amounts of chocolate completely guilt free. Here at Pretty Green, we love Easter, and luckily for you, our products stand out from the crowd. They’re all locally and sustainably produced, and make for very memorable hampers. Our chocolate gift baskets in Sydney are one of a kind, and if you’re looking to spoil your employees or clients this Easter, look no further, we’ve got you sorted. 

We know it can be hard to buy your work colleagues, employees or clients an Easter present, and we also know that you don’t want to just give them some average Easter eggs, so why not spoil them with one of our hampers. 

Afternoon Delight 

If you’re looking to give a chill present that ticks all the boxes then the ‘Afternoon Delight’ hamper is the one for you. It’s a chocolate gift basket with a unique mix of goodies. Coming with a block of Hey Tiger ‘The Weekend’ Caramel and Cracker Crumb Chocolate, along with some goodies to help wind down including Maple and Mint Coconut Rose Bath Milk and a jar of T Totaler’s Organic Relax Tea. This hamper would be ideal to give to your employee. 

Sweet Escape 

Feel like spoiling your work bestie this Easter and feeling a bit stumped for chocolate gift basket ideas? Then check out our ‘Sweet Escape’ chocolate gift basket that is jam packed with all our favs. You can definitely enjoy this hamper with your colleague on a Friday arvo after a long week of work. We’ve added some serious snacks including Kooka’s ‘Orange and Hazelnut Cookies’. They’re all natural, free from gluten and grains, so are completely guilt free. Kooka haven’t skipped out on the flavour but, with these chewy cookies made with the perfect combination of zesty orange and sweet hazelnut. Hey Tiger’s 'Best Mates Coconut and Caramelised Popcorn Chocolate’ is also in there. Need we say more. It’s specifically designed for best mates (work mates are just as important) with the most delicious flavour in a block of choccie. Your work mate will be speechless!

I’m Cocoa For You

We’ve got a great hamper for you to impress your clients with this Easter. Our ‘I’m Cocoa For You’ chocolate gift basket will help grab their attention and deliver delicious one-of-a-kind small-batch ingredients that they’ll no doubt enjoy. We’ve also chucked in Ulu Hye’s ‘Nut Mylk Base’, a creamy nut spread, unlike anything you’ve seen before. It’s great on any sweet or savoury meal. T Totaler’s ‘French Earl Grey Hot Chocolate’ is also added in the mix of goodies. It’s a lovely floral hot choc flavoured tea. They won’t be disappointed with this gift basket. 

Leave The Rest To Us

Want to add a special touch to your chocolate gift basket as part of your corporate Easter present? Why not add a personalised card that packs a punch. We’ve got heaps of options to choose from, just let us know what you want to write! Our chocolate gift basket delivery is also simple and we’ll get it to your employee or client right on time. We have a custom-built dashboard so you can easily organise when you want your hamper sent - how good is that. Plus, we use a carbon neutral delivery service, and all of our gifts are wrapped in sustainable packaging and securely packed in a colourful biodegradable box. You can rest easy knowing that this Easter gift is environmentally friendly. 

So what are you waiting for? Easter is just around the corner so you better get cracking on your gifts. Why not choose one of Pretty Green’s choc-o-bloc chocolate gift baskets to give to your employee, client or work colleague. All of the products are locally produced and are absolutely delicious. Believe us, you won’t regret it.