Our Best-Selling Hampers with Free Delivery in Sydney

Our Best-Selling Hampers with Free Delivery in Sydney

At Pretty Green, we are all about sourcing our products from those who make them and making a conscious effort to only use products in our hampers that we really believe in. Sustainability being such an important factor in everything we do, the delivery service for our hampers is carbon neutral and completely free here in Sydney! Not only are you giving a thoughtful and luxurious gift to someone you care for and appreciate, but you are also giving back to the environment. That’s a win in our books! We’ve put together a list of our best-selling hampers for you, that you’ll be able to get with our free delivery service in Sydney.


You Are Gin-Credible

This boozy hamper is one of our most loved products at Pretty Green. For anyone who loves a little snack with their G&T, this is the hamper for them. The main feature of this hamper is the award-winning sheep whey gin from Grandvewe Hartshorn Distillery. The gin is infused with only Australian native botanicals, 3 of them never before used in gin. The botanicals are then vapour infused giving the gin a delicate and subtle flavour. Get this hamper delivered to your Sydney gin-lover and they’ll be feeling Gin-Credible in no time. This hamper includes:


-       Drunken Sailor Canning Co Beetroot and Gin Relish

-       Django Macadamias 6 Piece Mixed Chocolate Macadamias

-       Grandvewe Hartshorn Distillery Sheep Whey Gin 200ml

-       4 x Dirty Tonic

-       Some Dehydrated Strawberries for Garnish!


On The Rocks

For the cocktail lover, the ‘On The Rocks’ hamper is the ideal gift. This hamper features three mini cocktails from award-winning Sydney bar Maybe Sammy, so they’ll be enjoying the vibes of the bar from home regardless of whether they are feeling vodka, gin or tequila. Maybe Sammy is also on the list of 50 best bars in the world and is the best bar in Australasia, so you know how good they’ll be! This hamper includes:


-       Maybe Sammy The Dean 90ml

-       Maybe Sammy The Frank 90ml

-       Maybe Sammy The Sammy 90ml

-       Port Willunga Fine Foods Fleurieu Olives

-       Wondaree Roasted Macadamias

-       A few Dehydrated Citrus Garnish


That's Gin-Tastic

This is the perfect gift hamper to get delivered to your Sydney friends who love a cheeky G&T. Putting an extra little spin on a traditional G&T with Strangelove’s premium mixers, we guarantee they’ll be coming back for more. Strangelove’s Dirty Tonic has natural, earthy flavours with a hint of rosemary, whereas the Salted Grapefruit is made from white grapefruits and pink flake salt from the Murray River. Yum! This gift hamper includes:


-       Kookas Natural Orange Hazelnut Cookies 

-       Strangelove Dirty Tonic 

-       Strangelove Salted Grapefruit

-       Grandvewe Hartsthorn Distillery Sheep Whey Gin


The Negroni Effect

One for the classics, ‘The Negroni Effect’ is a popular hamper that comes with a bottle of Negroni from Canberra’s Bar Rochford along with a bar of Whisky and Smoke Chocolate from Hey Tiger. Hey Tiger, are a premium, handmade Australian chocolate brand that has partnered with The Hunger Project to help support cocoa farming communities in Ghana. By giving this hamper to your nearest and dearest in Sydney, you’ll be helping support these communities in Ghana, small businesses in Australia all the while not hurting the environment due to our free carbon neutral delivery! This hamper includes:


-       Bar Rochford Negroni 180ml

-       Bar Geek Silicon Sphere Ice Tray

-       Hey Tiger Whisky & Smoke Chocolate

-       Drunken Sailor Beetroot and Gin Relish

-       A few Dehydrated Citrus Garnish


Whisky Business

For the whisky lover, there’s no gift better than this! There’s no such thing as too much whisky, right? Of course not! With a bottle of Bar Rochford’s Old Fashioned, along with the Whisky and Smoke Chocolate and a jar of Whisky Piccalilli from Drunken Sailor, they’ll be loving life. Drunken Sailor Canning Co. is Sydney-based and makes small-batch, Australian made, boozy preserves. The Whisky Piccalilli is packed full of veggies and also packs a punch. Get this hamper delivered to one of your whisky-loving Sydney friends to put a smile on their face. This hamper includes:


-       Bar Rochford Old Fashioned 180ml

-       Bar Geek Silicon Sphere Ice Tray

-       Hey Tiger ‘Hello Officer’ Whisky & Smoke Vegan Dark Chocolate

-       Drunken Sailor Whisky Piccalilli

-       A few Dehydrated Citrus Garnish (on us!)


These are five of our best-selling hampers at Pretty Green to get delivered to your Sydney loved ones on our free carbon neutral delivery service! Have a look at our other gift hampers to choose the perfect gift to send for every occasion.