Make Mum's Day With These Mother's Day Gift Hampers

Make Mum's Day With These Mother's Day Gift Hampers


What more could mum want than an unexpected thoughtful gift. Pretty Green’s mother’s day hampers are just that! They’re designed to surprise and impress and are tailored towards interests and likes. We’ve made it pretty easy for you this year, all you have to do is pick out a gift hamper that you think has your mum’s name written all over it. We take care of the packing (which is all sustainable and biodegradable) and delivery (which is carbon-neutral) - bonus points right? Have a look at just some of our favourite gift hampers that are among a wide range of gifts on our website! 

Chocolate and Sweets Hamper

1. Sweet Escape

Cater to your mum’s sweet tooth this Mother’s Day with our amazing Sweet Escape gift hamper. We’ve added in some delicious cheeky nibbles that will definitely score you some serious brownie points. Hey Tiger’s 'Best Mates' chocolate is mouthwatering, with its unique Coconut and Caramelised Popcorn Chocolate flavour, the block won’t last very long. Poetry Fine Food's Salted Caramel Popcorn is also a winner! Mum can snack on this tasty treat whilst watching her favourite movie, and maybe even a glass of wine? Sounds like heaven

Wine hamper

2. The Wild Traveller

Does your mum like a bit of an adventure? Then our The Wild Traveller gift hamper would be an unreal gift! This is perfect to pack in her bag to take camping or on a hike or even on a picnic. It’s got some picnic essentials that will not go astray. Winestains’ Picnic Stake For One sits perfectly in the grass or logged by a rock and holds a wine glass nicely. So, mum can sit back and chill out without the worry of the glass falling over - nice. Dirt Candy’s The Wild One Shiraz Cabernet is an absolute favourite, and for good reason, with it’s subtle and smooth fruity flavour. We’ve also included Kooka's Natural Choc Goji Cookies for a sweet treat of course! 

Cocktail hamper

3. On The Rocks

Treat mum to a funky gift hamper that includes some of the best of all three in the worlds of gin, tequila and vodka! Our On The Rocks gift hamper is super fun and mum will no doubt be impressed. We’ve included a deluxe pack of Maybe Sammy cocktails; The Dean, The Frank and The Sammy. They’re reinvented classics with a modern twist! For a bit of extra fun, we’ve also included a few Dehydrated Citrus Garnish, to make sure it looks insta worthy of course. For some snacks to go with these refreshing drinks, Wondaree’s Roasted Macadamias are tasty - the perfect savoury, salty accompaniment. 

Self Care Hamper

4. Glow Up

It’s no secret that we all love a bit of self-care, and who doesn’t love a glow up! Your mum is definitely deserving of a bit of indulgence and me-time, so why not give her our Glow Up gift hamper. We’ve included some beautiful, Australian-made products that encourage starting this glow up from the inside first. Love Tea’s Skin Glow Pyramid Tea Bags promotes therapeutic benefits that helps support healthy and glowing skin. We’ve also included Maple and Mint’s Cacao and Mandarin Coffee Scrub for some extra loving. She won’t know herself!

This year, do something different for Mum on Mother’s Day and give her one of Pretty Green’s gift hampers. They’ve all been curated only with locally produced, wholesome goodies we know she’ll love - so get to it, because it’s just around the corner!