A Christmas Hamper For Every Type Of Man

A Christmas Hamper For Every Type Of Man

Every year Christmas rolls around and the instant panic of what to get your man settles in - don’t worry, we feel it too. It can be super hard to find something that is unique but also special and suits his interests right? Well at Pretty Green, we’ve gathered together some pretty cool products in hampers that will definitely suit any interest. All of our products are 100% Australian produced and owned with a focus on sustainability. Most of the products we sell haven’t been seen anywhere else - making them extra special. 

Have a look at some of our favourite hampers that you can give to your man this Christmas. 

Christmas Hamper For The Camper

Is your man an avid camper? Lover of the outdoors? Well we have definitely got a Christmas hamper for him! Our ‘All The Gear But No Idea’ hamper is packed full of goodies and is the perfect camping essentials kit! It has plenty of small-batch, wholesome products and is ideal for any campfire cooks, regardless of their experience level!

Chuck some of From Basque With Love’s Tuscan Risotto in the pot over the fire then once it’s cooked, add some of JimJam’s Veggie Patch Pasta Sauce. The blend of Italian spices from the risotto and the taste of the authentic, organic blend of ingredients in the pasta sauce will make for a very delicious campfire dinner! From Basque With Love’s products are made by a sole producer in Melbourne and is the perfect addition to this Christmas hamper. Your camper man will be super impressed. If you’re into a bit of extra spice, then don’t forget to add The Fermentalist’s Reaper Hot Sauce for a little kick. This is after you’ve seasoned very well with Olsson's Well Seasoned Traveller Assorted Salt and Seasoning. You can take this travel pack of salt and seasoning on every camping trip you go on to add flavour to every meal! 

Christmas Hamper For The Cocktail Lover

If your man is a lover of fancy and funky drinks then you can’t go past our ‘You Had Me At Margarita’ hamper. It’s got all the necessities to make that perfect marg. Buy your man’s favourite tequila and give him this hamper for Christmas, he’ll love it. 

We’ve added in Mr Consistent Margarita Mixer, which is the ultimate mix of sweet and tart, without any added sugar. Add your tequila, some ice and shake! Serve icy cold, obviously! We’ve also chucked in some Dehydrated Lime Citrus to garnish to make it look super aesthetic. To rim that fancy margarita cocktail glass, we’ve chucked in Olsson's Salt Macrobiotic Sea Salt Sack to make sure you’ve got the perfect amount of salt as you sip your marg. To add a bit of kick and flavour to any meal, we’ve also included Drunken Sailor Canning Co’s Wasabi and Raspberry Mustard - a mustard like no other! It’ll make all the difference to a simple ham and cheese toastie, trust us. You’re man will be thanking you! 

Christmas Hamper For The Amateur Cook

If your man loves to cook then the ‘Spice Master’s Grill’ will definitely knock his socks off. It’s packed with some products that are full of flavour and spice. These small-batch products will bring your dish to the next level. Sabarac’s Water Buffalo Spice Rub is a smoky, sweet and little bit spicy and a great addition to any meat or veg dish. It’s packed with flavour! We’ve also added in Drunken Sailor Canning Co’s Chipotle and Stout Mustard which is made with lots of pickled vegetables that will hero literally any dish. It’s great on a sandwich, with cheese and biscuits or with meat! Of course, we wouldn’t forget the beer and we’ve got a pretty cool one at that. Moo Brew’s Pilsner is a unique beer, a modern twist on that classic lager taste. Perfect if your man is looking to break away from those standard lager’s and try something new!

Christmas Hamper For The Coffee Connoisseur 

Got a man that is a caffeine addict? Then we have a pretty hectic hamper that will definitely fix his coffee craving. The ‘Get Barreled’ coffee hamper obviously has some amazing coffee in it. Barrel One’s Honey Pot Blend is smooth and creamy and everything you want in a cup of coffee. It goes well with any preferred type of milk, or just on it’s own if your man is into that. To go with the lovely coffee is a lovely ceramic coffee cup with a white crackle glaze from Clay by Tina. It’s completely sustainably made and its unique design is unlike any ceramic mug you’ve seen. We’ve also included Alfie Food Co’s Crunchy Peanut Butter, to go on the toast that your man has with his morning coffee. Alfie Food Co is a Melbourne-based company and all of their small-batch nut butters are made from wholesome, raw ingredients with no unnecessary additives. You can taste the difference, believe us!

We think we’ve got most hobbies and interests covered with some of our Christmas hampers, but if your man is into something else, all good, we’re sure we have something for him in our wide range of hampers. Go to Pretty Green for your man’s gift this year, you’ll definitely be thanking us later!