3 Reasons Why Gift Hampers From Melbourne Make The Best Care Packages

3 Reasons Why Gift Hampers From Melbourne Make The Best Care Packages

It’s fair to say that our world’s been turned upside down because of these ongoing waves of the pandemic we’re stuck in. It’s challenging to say the least and it feels like everyday, there’s just another heartbreaking story after another. Managing change is a pretty tricky landscape to navigate, let alone an entire company or business experiencing disruption after disruption. But it’s not all doom and gloom! As always in times of strife, people are finding new and innovative ways to make people feel supported.

Here at Pretty Green, we’ve noticed in recent times that now more than ever, corporate gifting has become a powerful instrument in connecting people and keeping company culture alive. Gift hampers in Melbourne are all the craze right now. When it comes to care packages, you want to give something that is heartwarming. So basically, no more of those plastic water bottles with your company logo, meaningless keychains that won’t get used or pens that are only going to get lost. 

  1. Shop Local with our Gift Hampers Melbourne

Instead, our gift hampers in Melbourne are carefully handpicked by us and lovingly handcrafted by Australian families for you and your team. We’ve gone beyond the tea bags you’ll find in your local supermarket and comfort chocolate that’s made overseas. We’ve chosen to support only local producers because we believe the best stuff’s already on our home soil! Not only that, our local producers deserve as much love as they can get. It’s important we shop locally to support our communities. 

Better yet, every single small batch product of ours has an inspiring Australian story behind it. Our gift hampers are filled with delicious, out-of-this-world goodies you can’t get anywhere else all in one place. Take our mouth watering and adventurous jams by Jam Lady Jam for example. Made in the Yarra Valley region by Lisa, it all came about when the opera singer was stuck inside with tonsillitis. She developed a bit of a jam hobby, and now it’s a jam empire. Her exotic concoctions are like no one else, which we can say for a lot of our products. All unique with a story worth telling that makes your care packages for your employees and clients all the more meaningful!

  1. Be Memorable with our Melbourne Gift Hampers

The goal with corporate care packages is to give your team and clients warm fuzzies. You know the one, it’s a happy feeling that makes you feel special, appreciated and valued. So that’s why we’ve scoured all over Victoria and across Australia for only the yummiest of goodies, bursting with flavour and wholesome goodness. And that’s what makes our gift hampers in Melbourne memorable.

We believe at the heart of most of our favourite memories is high quality food and beverages. When you’ve got fine food and fine friends, it can only lead to good old, fine fun! That’s the motto we live by and it’s something we’ve found that happens with all our care packages. Food is always best when shared. Whether that’s cooking up an Italian feast in the kitchen with your kids or having breakfast in bed with your partner, it’s the little moments like these that can really uplift someone’s spirits. We’ve kept these situations in mind and it’s what we hope to create with all our corporate Melbourne gift hampers.

All of our corporate care packages are personalised and can be customised to communicate your brand values. Our partner agency Haimat is beyond experienced when it comes to designing creative biodegradable packaging with your logo and business colours. From the gift box to the cards to the products themselves, every aspect can be fine tuned to your company. We love working with brands and finding the best solutions to convey your message. Whether that’s colour coding all your products in the business colours or choosing products that align with your business values such as giving back or leadership, we’ve got you covered. We’ll even hand write all your care package cards for that extra personal touch in your gift hampers Melbourne!

  1. It’s Never The Wrong Time to Send Our Gift Hampers Melbourne

So when is the right time to send a care package? At every possible occasion. Why? Because a united, supported and happy team is a motivated, productive and better team. 

Perhaps it’s time to show your employees that you understand that some changes have thrown a spanner in the works and you recognise it’s been difficult. We bet their mood will be instantly lifted with every sip of our organic wine care packages. Has your client fallen ill and they are unable to attend a zoom meeting? Nothing says hope you get well soon like an immune boosting gift hamper for your Melbourne colleagues with natural honey and herbal chamomile tea. 

Is an event like R U OK day coming up and you want to remind your team and clients to have a self care day? We have a huuuuge range. From deluxe soothing rose bath milks to calming aromatic candles to wholesome healthy cookies and everything-in-between. Why not host a mental health check in or catch up over zoom to see how everyone is doing after all their care packages arrive? There’s plenty of ideas to explore, you could talk about the weekend over a warm cuppa of smooth coffee or have a team bonding session over an online cook up! Our wholesome gourmet ready to make meals by From Basque With Love are a hot favourite. Take your pick from Paella Rice, Moroccan Rice, Tuscan Risotto, Italian Couscous and more.

All of our gift hampers can be delivered to anywhere in Australia, no matter how remote it is, so you can branch out from just Melbourne. We have a fast turn around and use a 100% carbon neutral delivery service to reduce our carbon footprint. On top of that, all of our packaging is biodegradable and most of our producers use sustainable practices. Here at Pretty Green, we’re all about shopping green to keep our planet pretty!